Public Safety

Chief Probation Officer Swears In 33 Peace Officers

Thirty-three peace officers were sworn in Thursday to help the San Diego County Probation Department manage the new influx of felons from the state prison system.

“Since August, I’ve promoted 29 officers and hired 31 new Correctional Deputy Probation Officers,” said Chief Probation Officer Mack Jenkins. “It’s all part of the growth the probation department has to do for the realignment implementation. We will be responsible for at least 2,000 more felons and we have to grow.”

Among those Jenkins promoted was Cesar Escuro, who will serve as the director for the newly created Post Release Offender Division. Escuro, who has a law degree and has worked for the department for 16 years, is “well-suited to manage the new division of high risk offenders,” Jenkins said.

The chief also promoted Denise Huffhines, Robert Pettengill and Christiene Andrews (who did not attend) to Supervising Probation Officers at the ceremony.

He told the supervisors their job will be challenging at times because they must serve as an advocate and voice for those they manage while meeting the needs of their own managers at the same time.

Jenkins also swore in 29 Deputy Probation Officers Thursday, who were promoted from Correctional Deputy Probation Officers.

Yvette Urrea Moe is a communications specialist with the County of San Diego Communications Office. Contact