Public Safety
Tour the Rose Canyon Fault – San Diego’s Biggest Earthquake Threat06:20

VIDEO: Tour the Rose Canyon Fault – San Diego’s Biggest Earthquake Threat

| 10:34 AM

We know all about the San Andreas Fault. But there’s a lesser known fault running through the heart of the San Diego, and it has the attention of emergency planners. A geology professor at San Diego State University shows us where you can see signs of the Rose Canyon Fault and how dangerous it could be.

Public Safety
Earn the Perfect 10 of Preparedness00:31

VIDEO: Earn the Perfect 10 of Preparedness

| 11:27 AM

While we hope there won’t ever be an ultimate “test” of our personal preparedness for a natural or man-made emergency, the County urges you to take 10 easy steps that will help you be ready if disaster strikes.

Clerk of the Board David Hall congratulates the family of the 200,000th passport.

County Celebrates 200,000th Passport Application

| 9:57 AM

A tiny applicant hit a big milestone at the County’s passport services office Thursday. Lilly, who was just 7 days old, became the 200,000th person to apply for a passport since the Clerk of the Board of Supervisors began offering this service 17 years ago.