Free Sand and Sandbags Available Around County

| 11:48 AM

San Diego County got two to five times more rain in December 2016 than it did in December 2015 when El Niño was raising fears of big rains. With more rain this week and more winter ahead, residents can get free sandbags to protect property.


Are You a Thanksgiving Food Safety Expert? Take the Quiz!

| 1:58 PM

When it comes to cooking Thanksgiving dinner — whether it’s turkey, turducken, stuffing, salad or dessert — you don’t need any help! You own the kitchen! But how much do you know about cooking safely? You know, like how to keep bacteria like salmonella, listeria and E. coli from crashing your party and making your guests sick?


Sold! Bid Online in County Vehicle Auction

| 9:18 AM

Back-to-school buys aren’t just for the kids. Get yourself a steal on wheels for all of those impending carpools. The County’s latest public vehicle auction begins Monday, Aug. 15 and you can see what’s available in person or online.