Public Safety

VIDEO: New Probation Training Center Ready to Roll

| 4:48 PM

A new San Diego Probation Department regional training facility in Scripps Ranch will provide officers from around the region with cutting-edge training enhancement opportunities including scenario-based and interactive maneuvers.

Public Safety

VIDEO: A Bomb is No Match for This

| 10:36 AM

It’s called a TCV — Total Containment Vessel. The Sheriff’s Department showed off its newest piece of equipment. It’s a steel chamber on wheels that can absorb the shockwave of a blast. It can also collect any residue that can be used for evidence.


VIDEO: Helping One Child at a Time

| 9:06 AM

County Health and Human Services delivers the California Children’s Services program down to where it’s needed most — to the children. CCS is a statewide program that provides funding for treatment of kids with certain physical limitations and chronic health conditions or diseases.