VIDEO: Fall in Love

| 3:09 PM

If you’re considering adopting a dog or a cat this autumn, the County’s Animal Services wants you to Fall in Love with $25 adoption fees, a discounted rate that will last through the end of October.


VIDEO: Poison Control: 1-800-222-1222

| 12:00 PM

Every parent of a young child knows about the Poison Control Hotline. But did you know it serves more than just frantic parents looking for information to help their children in crisis.

Public Safety

VIDEO: Tracking Graffiti One Tag at a Time

| 12:00 PM

In Imperial Beach, the Sheriff’s Department works with the city to track gang graffiti using a program called Graffiti Tracker. This has led to some huge restitution checks and a better understanding of who is carrying out the vandalism.