Public Safety
image of a phone with the SD Emergency app02:23

SD Emergency App Users Now Can Have Earthquake Early Warning

| 2:11 PM

The County of San Diego’s SD Emergency app is now equipped with ShakeReadySD, an earthquake early warning system. This will let users know if an earthquake has occurred nearby that is likely to cause shaking within seconds and it will urge them to take protective action such as drop, cover and hold on or another appropriate safety measure.

Public Safety
test alert message on a cellphone

FEMA to Conduct Emergency Alert Systems Testing

| 9:49 AM

Televisions, radios and some cellphones will receive a test message as part of a nationwide emergency alert systems test on Wednesday, Aug. 11.

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County Programs Win 51 Achievement Awards

| 2:25 PM

The County of San Diego won recognition from the National Association of Counties for 51 programs that improve how government serves the public.  The National Association of Counties Achievement Awards are given each year to recognize outstanding, innovative county government programs all across the United States.

Heat Alert text written over orange sky

Stay Cool During Weeklong Heatwave 

| 6:26 PM

High temperatures over the next week in San Diego, particularly the deserts, are cause for extra precaution. Residents are advised to stay cool, avoid activities that may cause overheating, and pay extra attention to older adults, people with chronic medical conditions, young children and pets because they are more susceptible to heat illness.