Public Safety
This is a photo of an actual package theft that occurred in San Marcos in 2016. At the time, the San Diego Sheriff's Department published the photo to try to identify the woman.

Prevent the Porch Poachers

| 11:59 AM

Don’t let a Grinch steal all the presents before they even get under the tree. Thieves or “porch poachers” or “porch pirates” are making their rounds in neighborhoods hoping to find some amazing packages that have been delivered and left on the porch.

Public Safety
Former foster child Omar Passons, the director of Integrative Services for the County’s Health and Human Services Agency, spoke with and thanked new and potential foster families of teenagers in the criminal justice system.

Probation Department Shows Appreciation to Foster Families

| 5:08 PM

Parenting is always work and being a foster parent to a teenager who is on probation comes with its own challenges. The County wants parents stepping up to this responsibility to know they are not alone, and the County has resources to help. That was the resounding message at a recent parent appreciation and recruitment dinner hosted by the San Diego County Probation Department.