Stray Puppy Manages to Swallow Entire Corn Dog Stick

A puppy’s eyes were larger than his stomach when he recently swallowed a 6-inch corn dog stick whole.

Kids in the College Area happened to see a stray dog eating the stick on March 8. They told their dad who saw that the young pup appeared to be sick and he called in County Animal Services.

An Animal Control Officer took the chocolate Labrador mix to the shelter on Gaines Street where he was X-rayed. Veterinary staff didn’t see anything on the X-rays but they could feel something in his stomach and knew the dog was in pain. So the next day, the 3-month-old puppy was sent to the veterinary specialty hospital. While undergoing surgery, staff found and removed a corn dog stick measuring about six inches long.

“Imagine our surprise when the veterinary hospital told us exactly what they removed from the pup’s stomach,” said Animal Services Deputy Director Dan DeSousa. “Quick action was necessary to prevent this dog from suffering and to save its life.”

DeSousa says the puppy will probably need about two weeks of recovery before he’s back in good health. Meantime, the dog returned to County Animal Services Thursday where he’ll stay until a foster home takes him in for the recuperation period.

The dog’s medical expenses were covered with the department’s donation-driven Spirit Fund.

The pup didn’t have any tags, a license or a microchip so he’ll become available for adoption sometime next month.

Tracy DeFore is a communications specialist with the County of San Diego Communications Office. Contact