Assigned a Case

| 12:35 PM

On a recent workday, a new case came across Protective Services Worker Tom Ruff’s desk. A first-time mother’s newborn boy tested positive for meth at the hospital, and the mother admitted to using the drug during her pregnancy, according to the front-line social worker’s report.


Path Toward Reunification

| 12:20 PM

Tom Ruff, a child protective services social worker, generally has 15 days after a first court hearing to figure out more facts, identify more family placement options for the child who was taken out of the home and help make a plan for the next steps.


The County and the Court

| 11:23 AM

Tom Ruff is a child protective services social worker who works in the North Central Region’s Court Intervention unit. That means he typically gets involved in cases once a front-line social worker investigating a report to the County’s Child Abuse Hotline has already visited the home and found evidence of abuse or neglect, prompting the County or law enforcement to remove children to protect them.