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VIDEO: Juvenile Drug Court Graduation 2011

| 12:26 PM

Dozens of teenagers fulfilled their nine month intervention program and graduated in front of friends and family during a Celebration of Success Ceremony. They all took part in the San Diego County Juvenile Court program.

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A Celebration of Success for Juvenile Drug Court Graduates

| 8:00 PM

Step by step, day by day, minors on probation fought hard to stay away from drugs. This evening, after a 270-day program, they celebrated what for some is the first significant achievement in their lives by graduating from San Diego’s Juvenile Drug Court. They proved they can live without drugs.

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New Rooster Ordinance Approved by County

| 12:00 PM

Cockfight organizers in the region, beware! The San Diego County Board of Supervisors approved a rooster ordinance that aims to reduce or eliminate cockfighting by limiting the number of roosters residents can keep on their property.

Public Safety

What Messages Do the Dead Leave for the Living?

| 12:00 PM

Deaths investigated by the San Diego County Medical Examiner provide lessons for the living by tracking trends, such as the increasing number of deaths caused by accidental falls, the growing prominence of heroin deaths among young people, and a decline in motor vehicle accidents that coincides with the rise in gas prices.