Animal Services Rescues 30 Neglected Dogs

Thirty dogs are under the care of County Animal Services after they were impounded from a home in San Ysidro Thursday.  

Animal Control Officers were conducting a yearly inspection of the property to make sure the owners had not exceeded a six-adult-dog limit that was imposed following a public nuisance hearing approximately 10 years ago. The officers found 30 mixed-breed dogs.

The owners voluntarily gave up the animals and Animal Control Officers took them to the shelter in Bonita.   

Veterinary staff examined the dogs and found they were suffering from severe hair loss, visible sores, and severe nail problems.

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“The dogs are being treated now for their various medical conditions,” said Animal Services Director Dawn Danielson. “And it will be some time before they are healthy enough to be evaluated for adoption.”    

The case is under investigation and could lead to criminal charges.