Animal Services Saves the Day! (And the Dog!)

A small nine-month-old poodle is back on dry land after being rescued from ocean currents by an Animal Control Officer Thursday.

The black and gray puppy named Aurora was found scrambling along the rocks at the jetty near Hospitality Point by a San Diego police officer. The officer  couldn’t capture the dog and called the County’s Department of Animal Services for help.  She said the puppy was trapped on the jetty and wouldn’t let anyone near her and there were fears the incoming tide could sweep the little poodle away.

Animal Control Officers Melissa Prettyman and Jennifer Jordan went out and sure enough, Aurora wouldn’t approach them. In fact, she turned tail and led them on a merry chase. At one point, the puppy  ran down the length of the entire jetty all the way to the end. Prettyman was game and followed the pooch, but she was quick, made a u-turn and ran back the way she had come. About half-way back, the 16-pounder leaped into the water.

A nearby surfer tried to help, but Aurora would have none of it. She tried to bite him and he couldn’t corral her. That’s when Officer Prettyman jumped into the water and swam after the dog. Aurora tried to bite her too but Prettyman managed to capture her without being bitten and bring the dog safely to shore.

Aurora was taken to the County shelter at Gaines Street where her ID tag led shelter officials to her owners. The two were so happy to see her again; they nearly cried. Aurora had been missing for three days.

Prettyman did her best to dry off and headed out again to another call. While she said she felt like a Billy goat climbing along the rocks, she said it’s just part of the job.

As for Aurora? She stayed overnight at the shelter. Her owners opted to take part in the Department’s SNIP program where a fee of $69 covers spaying and microchipping. She’s expected to go home this evening where she’ll finally be home, safe and dry!       

Tracy DeFore is a communications specialist with the County of San Diego Communications Office. Contact