Animal Services Takes in Snake Found on Pedicab Driver

A snake found wrapped around the neck of a pedicab driver in the Gaslamp District this morning is now being treated by a veterinarian for starvation, dehydration and anemia.

County Animal Services picked up the snake in the Gaslamp District this morning after being called by San Diego Police. 

Police officers say they responded to a call about a very intoxicated pedicab driver found lying on the ground with a live snake around his neck. They say when they arrrived, he climbed into his pedicab and tried to cycle away going backward. He was arrested for riding a bicycle under the influence.

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County Animal Control Officers took the snake to a veterinarian that treats exotic animals for life-saving treatment. Animal Services says the snake is a ball python morph measuring 18 inches long and it will remain at the veterinary hospital until further notice. 



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