Baby Goat Gets Adopted, Joins Tribe

This lil’ nugget has been on quite the life trip – and it’s only two and a half months old!

Nugget was taken in by the Department of Animal Services back in March when she was just skin and bones.

“We didn’t think this little girl was going to make it,” said Lt. Jennifer Hill, the Animal Services employee who helped nurse the baby goat back to health.

“She started walking more and her appetite increased and she was trotting and she even did a little jump!” Hill said.

After the sweet kid recovered and was ready for adoption, Rita Walker of Jamul visited the animal care facility in Bonita in search of a companion goat for her two grown goats – also adopted from Animal Services. She came across tiny Nugget, who was just one month old at the time, and fell in love.

“We didn’t know what to do with our goats,” Walker said. “They were kind of restless and we thought we needed more company.”

Since Nugget was so little, Walker adopted another 3-year-old goat at the shelter to be her buddy, bringing their tribe total to four.

“Nugget and [the young male goat] have bonded and they’re together all the time,” Walker said.

“This is what we work for every time we take in a neglected animal,” said Animal Services Director Dawn Danielson. “Helping them get healthy and get placed in a good home is the perfect outcome.”

During the day, Walker keeps all four goats, plus a llama she also adopted from the shelter, in a big pen that was custom created by her son. She said they get to jaunt around all day, living the good goat life.

“It’s really cool – it has houses and platforms, and different levels and a ramp, plus an automated water bowl and a feeder,” she said. “Nugget’s really been doing really good. She’s out now with the big goats and she gets along with the llama. She runs, she jumps, she loves to walk. She’s as cute as can be.”

Be still, our bleating hearts!

Visit Animal Services online and find your own new furry family member to love.