VIDEO: Bonita Library Amps Up Storytime

Have you ever been to a library and been told “Shhh!!”? Well, there’s nobody shushing you at the Bonita Library. In fact, young children are encouraged to get up, sing and start groovin’.

Librarian Sara Coney has developed a fun music and movement storytime program for youngsters.

“It’s called Storytime Dance Party,” Coney said. “I always compare it to Zumba for kids. It’s kind of a health and fitness, but also an educational, program for them.”

Kids learn new words and how to follow directions, but they also get their energy out and can socially interact with other dance party goers.

Coney did plenty of research on children’s music, incorporating it into her career and making the Storytime Dance Party program out of it. It’s quickly become the most popular storytime at the library and is spreading to other libraries around the County.

“This program is awesome,” said one parent. “It’s like no other.”

Storytime Dance Party takes places at the Bonita Library every Thursday morning at 10:30 a.m.

Andy Tolley is a multimedia designer with the County of San Diego Communications Office.