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VIDEO: Community Transition Center Offers a Helping Hand

Life after prison can be overwhelming. The County of San Diego realized that something different needed to be done with the realigned population.

“We really wanted to focus on a balanced approach,” said Karna Lau, who is with the County’s Probation Department. “Having services available and at the same time providing accountability and structure.”

That’s where the Community Transition Center comes in to play. On site it has a team of probation officers, a team of licensed mental health clinicians, a nurse case manager and treatment partners. These services are offered up to the probationers in an effort to support their recovery.

“The resources they provided, the care and concern for us – like we weren’t just crooks,” said former probation client Francine Greenwell.

When I walked in, if I would’ve known today that I was going to be the woman that I am, I would’ve never believed it. My life today so far exceeds anything that I ever believed I was worthy of or capable of having after I spiraled so far down.

Francine Greenwell

Since its inception in 2013, the Community Transition Center program has saved an estimated 6,160 jail days resulting in fiscal benefits to the county.