County Library Expands Online High School

In a significant expansion of the County Library’s online high school program, the County Board of Supervisors approved a contract Tuesday that would offer 160 scholarships to residents interested in finishing high school. The scholarships would become available starting Sept. 15.

The Career Online High School scholarships allow any resident of San Diego County who is 19 years and older a chance to get their high school diploma. The program doesn’t award general education diplomas, or GEDs, but an actual high school diploma which means graduates are more likely to qualify for higher education and job opportunities. Students can also work toward an entry-level career certificate in any of eight different fields.

“The San Diego County Library is hugely committed to promoting lifelong learning, from our Kindergarten Gear-Up Program to online high school and beyond,” said County Library Director Migell Acosta. “We want to cover the full spectrum on top of promoting reading and literacy skills, and offering access to the Internet.”

Online high school allows students to take classes at times that are convenient to them. Acosta says if they don’t have the necessary resources at home, students will get a “front of the line” pass for technology at the County library.

The Library works with Cengage Learning to offer the online high school. The new contract will allow the Library to offer the additional scholarships, the opportunity to rename the program and set up its own “front door” with a website dedicated to the County’s online high school.

Tracy DeFore is a communications specialist with the County of San Diego Communications Office. Contact