County to Seek Housing Funds for Foster Youth

The Board of Supervisors today voted to let the County Health and Human Services Agency (HHSA) apply for $480,000 for housing services for foster youth.

The funds would be used by HHSA’s Child Welfare Services to provide additional housing assistance to reduce youth homelessness in the region.

HHSA’s Transitional Housing Program provides up to three years of subsidized housing for current and former foster youth between 18 and 24 years of age.

During fiscal year 2019-20, a total of 495 youth received subsidized housing and 93% of them were able to maintain stable housing over the course of that fiscal year.

Given the high rate of stability in the program, more than 300 youth receive assistance in any given month.

The additional funds will expand housing resources to more than 100 youth currently in foster care, as well as youth at higher risk of unstable housing or homelessness, including:

  • Youth who are pregnant and/or parenting
  • Youth with mental and behavioral health needs
  • Youth with substance use disorders

The housing assistance that HHSA provides to youth leaving foster care supports the County’s Live Well San Diego vision of healthy, safe and thriving residents by furthering efforts to improve outcomes for youth entering adulthood to help them maintain a stable home and prevent homelessness.

Today’s action also directs HHSA to look for and to apply for any additional funds to support transitional housing for youth.

José A. Álvarez is a communications specialist with the County of San Diego Communications Office. Contact