County’s Bookmobiles Deliver More Than Books

Its arrival is met with excitement and eagerness every time it rolls into a location. After all, it’s designed to provide San Diego County residents with free, easy access to more than 33.7 million books, magazines, audio books, DVDs and CDs.

It’s National Bookmobile Day, and the San Diego County Library’s two bookmobiles are a lifeline to residents in north and east county in search of information and entertainment. The two mobile units make weekly or bi-weekly stops at 37 locations such as Jamul, Dulzura, San Pasqual Academy, San Pasqual Indian Reservation and the Lawrence Welk Champagne Village.

At the San Pasqual Reservation, the bookmobile makes regular stops and also provides special services like story time for preschoolers said Martha Maurits, a librarian with the north bookmobile. 

Story time was a great day to read outdoors with two classes of youngsters, some of their parents and preschool staff,” said Maurits.

Bookmobile staff support varied projects including growing vegetable gardens , teaching kids how to count and how to say hello in different languages.

Last month, the bookmobile hosted a spring vegetable fair during its stop at the Stone Ridge Estates in Warner Springs. The community is home to many retired seniors.

“Many of them enjoy reading, nature, cooking and gardening,” said Maurits. “We thought they would appreciate and use personal kits to get a jump start growing some of their own veggies.”

The kits included onion plants, potato and cucumber seeds, fertilizer and detailed planting instructions.

“Several customers told us that they feel like they are a part of our family,” said Maurits.

The bookmobiles operate the same way the other 33 branches of the library system do. Customers can request any item from any branch – through the library’s online catalog – and the item is delivered to the bookmobile.  The bookmobiles also provide free internet access.

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