A Deaf Dog Needs Signs of Love

Although this Zoe could never hear the psychedelic sounds of the Brazilian band, Zoe, she’s her own rock star! 

The word Zoe also means “tribe,” and we know this little girl would love to be a part of your Zoe! 

Dogs are naturally very visual, always watching for signals and body language. Because of this, living with a dog that is hearing challenged isn’t difficult. Solid communication with hand signals is the key to success along with lots of praise and socialization. 

Zoe is a sweet loving, Pit Bull that is spayed and almost 2 years old. She would do great as the only dog in the tribe with a mature family committed to training Zoe based on her special needs. Teaching Zoe to become an integral part of the family could be exciting! 

If you know of anyone who would like to show “signs” of love to Zoe, send them our way. She’s available at the County Animal Services shelter in San Diego at 5480 Gaines Street. Her Animal Identification Number is A1451370. Zoe’s adoption fee is just $35 and includes vaccinations, microchip, license and a free veterinary examination. For more information call (619) 767-2675 or visit

Tracy DeFore is a communications specialist with the County of San Diego Communications Office. Contact