Public Safety

VIDEO: Dirty Clothes, Clean Future

These juvenile probationers are learning something to help them succeed in life that many would consider a basic life skill: laundry.

Gone are the days of tough love to help correct behavior. The County Probation Department is taking a new approach to help steer these kids in the right direction.

We want to teach these students about positive youth development.

Deputy Probation Officer Valisa Brown 

Washtek laundromat in San Marcos donates the use of their washers and dryers to help the young probationers acquire both skills and confidence. The interactive and hands-on learning experience is getting a good response from the participants.

“It was pretty cool because we got to work with the other students and got to do teamwork,” said one of the participants. “We learned.”

Suzanne Bartole is a multimedia designer with the County of San Diego Communications Office.