Dog in Drain Gets Rescued by Animal Services

A Siberian husky has returned home safely after somehow getting trapped in a storm drain in the Encanto neighborhood of San Diego.

Two animal control officers arrived within minutes of the call yesterday to find the one-and-a-half-year old dog sticking her head out of the drain near the corner of Woodrow Avenue and Viewcrest Drive. When the officers approached, the dog retreated into the storm drain.

Officers blocked the pipe at the end of the drain to prevent the husky from going any deeper into the system and then restrained the dog and walked it down the drain until they reached a metal grate.

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Deputy Director of Animal Services Dan DeSousa said a good Samaritan was strong enough to pull the grate up and away and the dog was lifted out.

The husky – named Bella – was scanned for a microchip and returned to her owner today.

It’s unknown how the dog got into the drain.