VIDEO: Drum Circle Provides Therapy, Healing

The beat of the drums has been a welcome sound to many residents of the Edgemoor Skilled Nursing Facility, where the County provides 24-hour long-term care to people with complex medical needs.

Sundiata Kata has been bringing his passion and drums to Edgemoor for the past 2 years, and he’s been witness to the kind of positive effects it has to those that drum along with him.

“It’s very beneficial and healing,” Kata said. “It’s healing for me, as well.”

Residents are encouraged to participate – they can chant and play along, or just sit and observe.

I love it. It’s something to look forward to in my week.

Raymond, stroke survivor and Edgemoor resident

Kata does these kinds of drum circles for nursing facilities, like Edgemoor, as well as hospitals, drug rehabilitation centers and even for at-risk youth.

“It’s worth the trip to get out of bed early and come down here,”  said stroke survivor and Edgemoor resident Raymond. “You can go back and feel better than you would on a normal day.”

José Eli Villanueva is a multimedia designer with the County of San Diego Communications Office.