Fox Makes Himself at Home Before Capture

Dogs and cats, yes. But picking up a fox? That’s unusual for County animal control officers, especially in Kensington.

A resident called County Animal Services Monday saying a fox was hanging out in his back yard. But when officers arrived, the wild animal had disappeared.

Not to be outfoxed, the resident kept an eye out for the little critter and when he showed up the next night, the resident opened the door to a backyard granny flat, hoping the animal could be contained. The fox came on in.

He made himself right at home, too. When animal control officers entered, they found the fox on top of a blanket on the bed watching them. They took a moment to admire his beauty and even snapped a photo.   

But that lull was short-lived. The fox bounced off the bed, under the bed, behind some tables and finally jumped to the highest shelf in the closet. That’s when Dereck Nykaza, barely two months on the job, slowly and gently put a net over the fox and captured him.

Officers said the animal looked like a healthy adult but a bit lethargic for a fox. He was taken to Project Wildlife for observation. 



Tracy DeFore is a communications specialist with the County of San Diego Communications Office. Contact