Get Election Materials Emailed to You

Help save hundreds of tons of paper and taxpayer dollars at the same time. Sign up to get your sample ballot and voter information pamphlets electronically.

The Registrar of Voters is sending out 1.4 million postcards to registered voters in San Diego County this week asking if they’d like to receive those election materials in their inbox instead of their mailbox.

At one time, state and local laws required the Registrar to mail a copy of the sample ballot and voter information pamphlet to each registered voter. Now the Registrar is allowed to offer those materials online instead.

In the 2014 election cycle, the Registrar mailed County residents more than 3 million pamphlets adding up to 281 tons of paper. Voters who sign up to get the materials electronically will allow the Registrar’s Office to save money and help the environment at the same time.

Voters who opt in to electronic materials will see another advantage, too. They’ll get the sample ballot and voter information pamphlet immediately after they are released while other voters must wait a day or so before the information shows up in their regular mailbox.   

The postcards will also give voters who usually cast their ballots at the polls the opportunity to sign up to become a permanent vote-by-mail voter.   

Whether they are mailed or emailed, sample ballots and information pamphlets are available upon request in Spanish, Filipino, Vietnamese and Chinese.

For more information, call (858) 565-5800 or visit sdvote.com.  

Tracy DeFore is a communications specialist with the County of San Diego Communications Office. Contact