Kitty Lovers, Come On Down! ‘Your Price is Right’ at Shelters

It’s raining cats – and more cats – over at the County animal shelters.

To help ease the overabundance, the shelters are offering up a special to help these felines find their forever homes.

All cats – including kittens – are available through the end of the month for a “Your Price is Right” special. There’s no minimum amount required, just a you-name-it donation and promise of a good home. If you fall in love with two, that’s OK! Take Kit and Kaboodle!

“We are inundated with cats and now is a great time to adopt because there are so many to choose from – all sizes, shapes, colors and models!” said Animal Services Deputy Director Dan DeSousa. “Our numbers change every day but I would say among the three shelters, we have almost 500 cats.”

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Each adoption includes vaccinations, a free vet exam, microchip and spay or neuter.

Kittens are available to take home, but DeSousa thinks adult cats are just as much fun to adopt.

“Adult cats are great because you can see exactly what they’ll look like and how their personality has developed,” he said. “They’re typically beyond the rambunctious juvenile stage.”

The “Your Price is Right” special on cats at the County’s three shelters, Bonita, Gaines Street and Carlsbad, goes through July 31.

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