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Love is Not Violent: Fighting Domestic Terror

Fighting tears, Veronica Ramos pleaded with domestic violence victims to get help.

Ramos’s relative, Rosa Lisowski, suffered with domestic violence for years. Lisowski was murdered by her estranged husband in 2008 after she filed for divorce and child support.

“There is help out there,” Ramos said at a news conference to commemorate October as Domestic Violence Awareness Month and to announce the creation of two specialized teams to deal with severe cases of family violence.

“Domestic violence far too often is not talked about until something bad happens,” added Ramos who had to stop several times to compose herself. “My aunt suffered years of emotional and physical abuse, most not reported to officials.”

Supervisor Pam Slater-Price, a strong supporter of domestic violence prevention, echoed Ramos’ plea for victims to flee abusive relationships.

“Domestic violence is a very pernicious crime. It has a terrible effect on children,” said Slater-Price. Victims need to know they are not alone. There is plenty of help available.”

To assist individuals and families experiencing intimate partner violence, the San Diego County District Attorney’s Office, in partnership with many public and non-profit organizations including the County’s Health and Human Services Agency, is launching the San Diego Domestic Violence High Risk Case Response Team (HRT).  The HRT will assist with the most dangerous domestic violence cases.

“HRT will monitor the most critical cases…cases in which death is likely without this help,” said District Attorney Bonnie Dumanis, adding that last year the DA’s Office issued more than 2,000 felonies and misdemeanors related to domestic violence.

Furthermore, the City of San Diego City Attorney’s Office will launch another team that will focus on misdemeanor cases involving families with small children.

Last year, 16,880 domestic violence incidents were reported to law enforcement in San Diego County and 14 people died as a result of intimate partner violence.

HOPE in the Park, a rally and candlelight vigil against family violence, will take place Saturday from 1:00-7:00 p.m. at Balboa Park near the corner of 6th Ave. and Laurel. The event is free and open to the public.

People in immediate danger are encouraged to call 9-1-1. Help is also available at the County’s Domestic Violence Hotline at (888) DV-LINKS (385-4657).