Make Sunday Super – Try These Pre-Game Activities

While the New England Patriots and the Philadelphia Eagles duke it out on the (very cold) field in Minnesota this Sunday during the Super Bowl, San Diego County residents can soak up the sunny weather and take advantage of County activities that totally top TV touchdowns.

Whether you love hiking, biking or just exploring San Diego, there’s plenty to do across the region this weekend before (or instead of!) watching the big game.

All events take place on Sunday and are free, unless otherwise noted. Click on the links for more information.

  1. Ready, Set… Hike!

While the centers of the Patriots and Eagles are hiking balls, you can be hiking a trail! Take a look at these 10 Terrific County Trails to Try in 2018 and trek the one that sounds the best to you. You can also check out some of our hidden gem trails with these virtual hikes before you test them out on foot.

  1. Tackle

Round up the family and head to Lake Morena County Park for some fishing. You can check out the most recent fishing report for the park, located at 2550 Lake Morena Drive in Campo. Parking is $3 and fishing fees range from free (children 9 and under) to $7 (adults 16 and older.) You may even see the lake’s very own “Fishing Guy!” Note: A state fishing license is required to fish at the lake.

  1. Touchdown

Come on down to Flinn Springs County Park and touch real animal pelts while you learn and discover new things. Kids will gain hands-on experience learning about Flinn Spring’s flora and fauna, too!

  1. Extra Point

Doctors might be pressed for evidence, but many pet owners will tell you that adopting a new, furry family member earns you extra points in life. Visit one of the County shelters or browse some former featured pets!

  1. Scrimmage Game

Why watch football when you can play? Set up a scrimmage game at the County park nearest to you. We’re a bit partial to the Waterfront Park, but you can find a full list of our parks online and get playing!

  1. Fowl

Every day is a good day to bird watch at a San Diego County park. Our stretch of the Pacific Flyway, which soars over Tijuana River Valley Regional Park, Otay Lakes County Park, Lindo Lake County Park, San Elijo Lagoon and Ecological Reserve, attracts 480 species of birds – more than any other region in the United States! Check out a bird book from your local library and watch ‘em fly.

  1. Catch

While the football players are making (or missing) their catches, you can catch up on history at the Campo Stone Store and Museum (31130 State Highway 94, Campo). The historical building was the result of a raid on the original frame store of the Gaskill brothers by border bandits in 1875. The museum is open from 11:30 a.m.-2 p.m. on Sundays.  View more historical landmarks and parks.

  1. Roll Out

Wheel your way along a picturesque preserve. Break out the mountain bike and ride it through Sycamore Canyon County Preserve. There are some pretty cool stops along the Martha’s Grove trail, with more riding options at the end of a two-mile ride for those who want just a bit longer in the open air.

  1. Game Plan

Make a disaster plan with your family so you’re prepared for emergencies, like fires or earthquakes. If you have extra time, make an emergency kit. Have pets? Don’t forget to include their items in your go-kit.

  1. Wild Card

Come design your own 3D model and then print it at the Bonita-Sunnyside Library. This how-to computer class is free; all you need to bring is a desire to learn!