The Most Read Stories about the County

The County News Center launched in late September. Since then, we’ve added hundreds of stories and videos to the website, which has become a source of information not only for the public but also for local media.

As the year comes to an end, we took a look to see which stories caught the public’s interest. Here, we present the top five stories with most page views.

Did your favorite make the cut? Take a look.

Number 1
Built in 1958, this structure was the headquarters for one of the County’s main services.  Its demolition was just completed and paves the way for a project that will permanently change the waterfront.  What will be built there?

Number 2
This project is expected to save the County $1.3 million over 20 years. What is it and where is it located?

Number 3
Her TV show asks you to choose between your significant other and man’s best friend. She visited County Animal Services this fall. Who is she and what did she do?

Number 4
He was looking for “something interesting to do” and ended up doing it for more than 30 years. Throughout his career, he was involved in many “intense and emotionally grueling cases.”  What’s his name and where did he work?

Number 5
They were recently sworn in and will help supervise about 2,000 felons coming to the County. What department will they assist?