Most Viewed County News Center Stories of 2014

The County of San Diego’s Waterfront Park made a splash and our Animal Services’ snake handling charmed visitors to County News Center this year.

Which stories captured your attention? Check out our 14 most viewed stories of ’14 below.

14. Animal Services Takes in Snake Found on Pedicab Driver


13. Bid for Deals on Wheels at County Online Auction


12. San Diego’s #1 Killer


11. The Red Bug is Here – Should We Worry? [VIDEO]


10. 5 Penalties You Face for Giving Alcohol to Minors


9. 2 New Measles Cases May Have Exposed Others


8. 2 People Contract Rare Infections After Getting Tattoos


7. Librarians Rock Mohawks After 1 Million Checkouts [VIDEO]


6. Rescued Horses Go Up for Adoption


5. 31 Mostly Free Things to Do in July


 4. Do You Live in a Tsunami Flood Zone?


 3. Your Waterfront Park, Your Pictures


2. Bounce by the Bay


1. Manhunt Leads to Snakes [VIDEO]

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