Opossum Rescued from Tight Squeeze

One small slip and an opossum in Spring Valley suddenly found himself wedged between no, not a rock and a hard place, but down between a building and a cargo container. No word how long he’d been there, but someone at an adjacent auto parts store heard scratching from inside the building. Upon investigating, they came across the opossum’s dilemma and called County Animal Services.

They came to the rescue but it was no easy feat getting him out. The first Animal Control officers to arrive could see the little guy but couldn’t reach him. They tried a long rescue pole but it could only touch the opossum. There was no moving him because the animal was either holding on to something or he was just good and stuck. Opossum Rescue 2

Reinforcements arrived, including a registered veterinary technician. They used tranquilizer drugs and a syringe pole, and then an officer was finally able to raise the opossum up and out of his predicament.

The opossum appeared to be OK despite his ordeal. He was taken to Project Wildlife for an examination and any necessary care.


Tracy DeFore is a communications specialist with the County of San Diego Communications Office. Contact