Pets Go Home Happy in Clear the Shelters Event

Don’t be surprised if there’s lots of purring, tail-wagging and maybe even some happy quacks from animals adopted in Saturday’s “Clear the Shelters” event as they settle into their new forever homes this week. County Animal Services was among a number of local animal shelters that waived adoption fees in NBC’s “Clear the Shelters” event that stretched across the country.

About a third of the total number of adoptable pets at the County’s three animal care facilities found new homes: 288 of 743. Adoptions more than tripled those of a regular Saturday.

Throughout San Diego County, nearly 800 pets found new homes. Nationally, 18,000 homeless animals were adopted.

The effort was so successful that a date has already been set for another “Clear the Shelters” event next year: Saturday, July 16, 2016! [Editor’s note: The date has since changed to July 23, 2016.]

But there’s no need to wait that long to welcome a new pet into your home. Stop by the County’s three shelters or visit the Animal Services website to see photos of all the available animals.

Clear the Shelters_Infographic1