Pets of the Week – Chance and Friends

Hey, it’s Chance and I took over the computer again! Remember me? I’m the dog that was shot and rescued last week. Everyone thought I wasn’t going to live through it, but I did.

Now I am soo excited to find  a new family but it will be sad to leave my little buddies behind. I know a lot of people want me but I am just ONE dog!

Meet Canela: she is the little girl wearing the “cone-of-shame”, I don’t know what to tell you but that’s what they call it. She was hit by a car and the medical staff had to stitch up her leg, she is 3 years old and a BED HOG! I end up on the floor and she has the whole dog bed!

Then there is Begonia, she is 6 years old, she lost an eye and always looks like she’s winking. Personally, I think she is a total flirt! She just got her teeth all cleaned too which I hear is really important for dogs to do yearly. This Spirit Fund is amazing to help these dogs, but only you can give them a HOME!

You can visit my buddies at the County Animal Services shelter in Carlsbad, 2481 Palomar Airport Road. Please bring their ID numbers. Begonia’s ID number is 1454921 and Canela’s is 1438480. Their adoption fees include vaccinations, licensing and a microchip. That’s all for now, talk to you again soon!