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VIDEO: Program Helps ‘Take Home’ People with Special Needs

If your loved one has special needs, you may want to consider registering them in the Sheriff’s “Take Me Home” program.  The information you provide to the registry will help law enforcement officers in reuniting lost individuals with their families in a timely manner.

Brian Herritt’s son, affectionately named “Little Brian,” has severe, low-functioning autism as well as epilepsy and went missing when he was younger. Luckily, neighbors were able to reunite Little Brian with his family, but his dad knew something more needed to be done in case it ever happened again.

Herritt modified a special reunification program, which started in Florida, and has created what he says some call the “best version” of Take Me Home.

“You register your loved one with special needs [online],” said Lt. Michael Knobbe, who’s with the San Diego County Sheriff’s Department. “They can give us critical information that they want us to know in case they should ever have to call 911 or a if a deputy should ever have to encounter that individual in the field.”

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José Eli Villanueva is a multimedia designer with the County of San Diego Communications Office.