Recommended Read: ‘After Dark’

Looking for a new book to read? Branch Manager Polly Cipparrone from the Del Mar Library has got a great recommendation for you.

What it’s called: After Dark

Who wrote it: Haruki Murakami

Read it if you liked:A Wild Sheep Chase

What it’s about: Ever found yourself in a diner late at night wondering about the other people in there, too? Who they are? Why are they there? What are their stories? In “After Dark,” author Haruki Murakami takes on an overnight journey, peering into the lives of several twenty-somethings: Mari and her estranged sister Esi; Takahashi, an acquaintance of Mari’s and jazz trombonist; the tough manager of a Japanese “love” hotel; a businessman with a dark secret. Each hour of the morning is a chapter, slowly unfolding the stories and mysteries of each of these characters. Award winning author Murakami’s minimalist writing style and imaginative storytelling keeps the reader an interested voyeur.

How to get your hands on it: Visit your local County library, request it in the library bookmobile or see if it’s available online through e-books.


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