Rocksann the Dog Adopted

Jaydon and Rick Randall with their new dog, Rocksann.

A dog who was rescued after she was trapped between boulders in Valley Center is now settling into her new home in Vista. Rocksann was adopted Tuesday from the County shelter in Carlsbad.

Dog rescued in Valley Center
Credit: Valley Center Fire Protection District

County Animal Services says the German shepherd mix was probably chasing a rabbit or a squirrel when she got her head stuck between two boulders in a rocky ravine. Nearby residents heard a dog yelping April 8 but couldn’t find her until four days later. The dog was hard to see because of her brown and tan coat.

County Animal Control Officer Denise Gove and firefighters from the Valley Center Fire Protection District worked for one-and-a-half hours to free the dog.

A firefighter carried her out and she was treated for crushing injuries. Medical teams at County Animal Services say the animal probably would have died from lack of water if she hadn’t been rescued.

Jeremy Randall carries Rocksann out of ravine Credit: Valley Center Fire Protection District

The firefighters named the 1-year-old dog Rocksann. When an owner didn’t come forward, County Animal Services began accepting special adoption applications. The best fit out of nine applicants turned out to be the parents of the firefighter who carried the dog out of the ravine.

“We’re very careful with her being new,” said Rick Randall, who adopted Rocksann. “We thought she’d be pacing or something, but she’s sprawled out on her bed, not one issue from her.”

Randall did say that Rocksann wants to be sure someone is always right next to her. She appears to know some commands and like your typical dog, isn’t too keen on her cone of shame after being spayed.

The Randalls live on a fenced acre of land with a 30 by 40-foot dog run complete with a kennel. Randall says it’s 100% secure so Rocksann can’t get out.

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