Monthly Mosquito Larvicide Application Done by Hand Crews This Week

| 11:40 AM

County Vector Control crews will conduct their regular mosquito-fighting larvicide applications this week on dozens of local waterways — but by hand, rather than from the air, because the helicopter used is down for unscheduled maintenance.


County Conducts First Larvicide Drop; Reminds Public About Mosquito Prevention

| 9:17 AM

The County’s Vector Control Program is scheduled to conduct its first routine mosquito-fighting aerial larvicide drop this week on dozens of waterways to help stop mosquitoes from potentially spreading diseases like West Nile virus.


County to Conduct Mosquito Larvicide Drop Thursday

| 3:33 PM

The County is scheduled to conduct a routine mosquito-fighting, aerial larvicide drop Thursday on more than 30 rivers, streams, ponds and other waterways to kill mosquito larvae. It’s also reminding people to find and dump out standing water in and around homes to keep mosquitoes from breeding.