Public Safety

VIDEO: Earn the Perfect 10 of Preparedness

| 11:27 AM

While we hope there won’t ever be an ultimate “test” of our personal preparedness for a natural or man-made emergency, the County urges you to take 10 easy steps that will help you be ready if disaster strikes.


Make Pets Part of Your Disaster Plan

| 4:19 PM

Could you and your family evacuate in 15 minutes or less? September is National Preparedness Month and just as you prepare your family for a disaster, the same can be done for your furry family members—dogs, cats and other animals both large and small.

Public Safety
Credit: USGS

Desert Quake Reminds San Diegans to be Prepared

| 8:21 AM

Earthquakes can strike at any moment, without warning, and Friday’s incident is a reminder to be ready. Being prepared can make all the difference for the safety and survival of you and your family in a major disaster.