Top Cat Names in San Diego County

Selecting a meow-worthy moniker for a feline friend may be as easy as adopting a pet at one of San Diego County Department of Animal Services’ three shelters. The most paw-pular cat name in San Diego County is Kitty.

The Department of Animal Services records felines’ names at the time of adoption, claim or microchipping and found out which names were most popular in the County. Which names were the cat’s meow? We let the cat out of the bag below.

Just missing the top 10 were Oreo, Charlie, Blackie, Midnight and Bella, which was the top dog name.

Speaking of names, you can “name your price” to adopt kittens, cats, puppies and dogs at County Animal Services’ three shelters through the end of the month. The animal care centers are overwhelmed with dogs and cats right now so County Animal Services is waiving the normal adoption fee of $69 for a dog and $58 for a cat. Prospective pet owners can decide what adoption fee they would like to pay.

For more information about adoption, call 619-767-2675 or visit the County Department of Animal Services website.

Most Popular Cat Names

2016 2015
1. Kitty Kitty
2. Tiger Tiger
3. Smokey Baby
4. Baby Smokey
5. Princess Shadow
6. Tigger Tigger
7. Shadow Sassy
8. Lucy Cleo
9. Max Max
10. Missy Lucy
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