County Nurses Screen Asylum-seeking Families at Temporary Shelter

| 8:46 AM

It takes a team of agencies to process asylum-seeking families in and out San Diego’s temporary shelter. Working the front lines are County nurses who are responsible for conducting health screening assessments on every adult and child who visits the shelter.


Three Deer Mice Test Positive for Hantavirus

| 12:52 PM

Three deer mice collected in routine monitoring in Boulevard have tested positive for the potentially deadly hantavirus. Remember, never sweep up or vacuum up after rodents, their droppings or nest material if you find them in your homes, sheds, garages or workplaces.

Sad man

County to Improve Psychiatric Care for People in Criminal Justice System

| 11:12 AM

The County Board of Supervisors today voted to direct the County, the District Attorney and the Sheriff to develop a plan to strengthen the County’s ability to help people with mental health issues and substance abuse, both of which intersect with the criminal justice system.

Ted Kagan

San Diego Seniors Vote ‘Aye’ on Making a Difference

| 9:45 AM

Have you ever had ambitions to run for office but found the prospect of lawn signs, advertising and public appearances daunting? If you’re a San Diego County resident over the age of 55, you can still fulfill your political aspirations without the rigors of a major campaign. The California Senior Legislature offers older adults the […]


Hawk Tests Positive for West Nile Virus, Protect Against Mosquitoes

| 9:32 AM

A dead Cooper’s hawk found in Lakeside has tested positive for West Nile virus, making it the first sign this year of the potentially deadly disease in San Diego County. County officials remind the public to protect themselves against mosquitoes that can spread diseases.