Voting for President in the Primary Election? Be Sure You Can!

Registered nonpartisan voters will not see any presidential candidates listed on their  ballots for the June 5 Presidential Primary Election.

“Don’t be caught by surprise at the polls,” said County Registrar of Voters Deborah Seiler. “If you want to vote for a presidential candidate, most parties require you to register with their party. Presidential candidates are not listed on nonpartisan ballots for the upcoming primary.”

About 25 percent of all registered voters in the County are nonpartisan. Registered nonpartisans will not be able to vote for presidential candidates in the Republican, Libertarian, Green, or Peace and Freedom parties. Those parties have chosen to have closed primaries.
The Americans Elect Party will not participate in this primary election. Voters registered as Americans Elect will receive a nonpartisan ballot.

If nonpartisan voters would like to vote for a presidential candidate, they have two options. They may request a Democratic or American Independent ballot. These are the only parties that have decided to make their ballots available to nonpartisans. Or nonpartisans can update their registration to change their party preference. All other races, including congressional, state senate and assembly, are available on every ballot for the June primary.  

Seiler recommends that all voters check their registration in the next few weeks before sample ballots are mailed to make sure their party preference and personal information are correct. There have been cases where voters thought they were registered with a certain party but were actually registered as nonpartisan.

It’s quick and easy to check. Visit sdvote.com to see how you are registered. If you want to re-register, forms are available on the site.  You can download the form, sign it and mail it or deliver it to the ROV office at 5201 Ruffin Road in Kearny Mesa. You can also get more information about the primary election process.

Below: public service announcement encouraging voters to check their registration and understand the primary voting rules.