Water-Wise Ideas Flourish at Flower Fields

The sun is out. The two feet of snow on Mount Laguna from the last big storm is quickly melting. Trees are beginning to blossom. Could this be spring, when our thoughts and weekend labors turn to our lawns and gardens?

For those of us looking for some horticultural tips, the County Farm and Home Advisor (FHA) has displayed some water conservation and pollution practices at the world-renowned Flower Fields in Carlsbad.

Approximately twenty different “best practices” are on display in the lower section of the Flower Fields’ complex adjacent to the barn. The mock-ups include drip irrigation, pressure compensation and use of cover crops, to name just a few. Each practice has a sign that explains what it is and why it is used. Signs are also posted in the actual flower fields so visitors can see the real thing.

Many visitors to the Flower Fields have never been on a farm before and have little or no knowledge of the practices associated with water use and other farming methods. According to FHA’s Val Mellano, this display helps people understand what all those hoses, tanks and other pieces of equipment are in the fields. 

Because we live in a desert, FHA staff hope the display helps visitors truly understand how innovative farmers help protect our precious water resources. 

It is not unusual for visitors to learn new water-saving methods for using in their own gardens.  

One visitor from Southeast Asia said there are similar water conservation issues in his country, and he took photos of the displays and explanations to take back to his homeland.

In addition to the displays, touch screen kiosks at the site have information on water quality and the FHA “Healthy Garden – Healthy Home” program.

The display is at the Flower Fields only until mid-May. Afterwards, you can catch it at the Del Mar Fairgrounds starting in mid-June.