Baristas Where You Wouldn't Expect Them

The County has a new coffee cart. Not a big deal. But where it is and the reason for it may surprise you.

Pet of the Week - Tarzan

Tarzan is waiting to swing his way into your heart.

Rabid Bat Found at San Diego Zoo Safari Park

County health officials would like to hear from anyone who may have had contact with the bat.

Tailored Tsunami Plans Ready for San Diego County

Revised plans will focus on areas that may be most affected and prevent the over-evacuation of coastal communities in the event of a tsunami warning.

Five Tips For Your Best Spring Cleaning Ever

Spring has sprung! And that means it's time for spring cleaning. Here are five tips to spring you on your way to your best cleaning ever!

County and City Talk Stadium Costs

The County and City of San Diego are splitting the cost of doing the early work to figure out a way to keep the Chargers in San Diego.