Pet of the Week - Ariel

I may not be the little mermaid from down under the sea, but I do so enjoy the delicacies that come from there.

Preparing For An Anthrax Attack

This drive-through could save your life in case of a biological attack.

Two Squirrels Test Positive for Plague

Two squirrels trapped in routine monitoring at an empty campground have tested positive for plague; here's how to protect yourself when hiking and camping...

Make an Online Date to Vaccinate

The Online Appointment System for vaccinations at the Chula Vista public health center was such a success, the County Health and Human Services Agency decided to use it at two additional clinics.

Hikers Reminded to Stay Safe in the Heat

Dangers of hiking in the heat became clear again Tuesday, when an 18-year-old hiker died from heat-related physical distress after she was airlifted out of an area on the Three Sisters Falls trails.

First Local Human Case of West Nile Virus in 2014 Reported

A 43-year-old Santee man has the first confirmed local case of West Nile virus (WNV) in 2014, the County Health and Human Services Agency reported today. This is the first local human case since ...