Invasive Mosquitoes Now Found in North County

For the second time in a week, environmental health officials have found evidence of the Aedes aegypti mosquito, an aggressive, day-feeding invasive mosquito that has the potential to carry ...

Book a Campsite Online

Reserving a campsite at a San Diego County park is easy. A couple clicks and you're done. Happy camping!

Additional Flu Deaths Reported

The number of local influenza deaths reached 68, two fewer than the record set last flu season.

County Loans Painting to Local Museum

A County-owned artwork from one of the area’s most accomplished landscape painters has headed to local museum to be shown in an exhibition focused San Diego’s natural beauty.

Art for Parking Structure Starts to Take Shape

Artist David Adey and his crew were slapping clay on tires at the County Operations Center. Why?

Pet of the Week - Annabelle

No wascally wabbit here. Annabelle is much too refined!