Pet of the Week - Prince

I am royally loveable. Come visit me and see!

County Offices Closed Over Thanksgiving

Here's what's not open and which parks and services will be available during Thanksgiving.

Senior Volunteers Perform Free House, Welfare Checks

Whether you're going on vacation or are an older adult living alone, senior volunteers with the Sheriff's Department are there for you.

5 Steps to Making This Your Best and Safest Thanksgiving Meal Ever

How long are you planning to thaw that turkey? And what's the best way to cook the stuffing? Here are five steps to help make this your best and safest Thanksgiving ever!

Don’t Miss the Property Tax Assessment Appeals Deadline

The filing period for an appeals application ends Monday, Dec. 1.

Hitching a Ride with Animal Control

Follow a day in the life of an animal control officer and a reserve officer as they check out a dog bite, rescue a puppy and investigate a suspicious owl.