Public Safety

Law Enforcement, Community Unite to Honor Slain Girl

| 10:37 AM

Every day, the San Diego County Probation High Risk Sex Offender Unit monitors people convicted of various sex crimes and enforces Chelsea’s Law, which strengthens punishments for sex offenders who commit crimes against children. That is why a San Diego County Probation officer, who works in that unit, formed “Team United” to take part in […]

Parks and Rec

VIDEO: Conquering ‘El Cap’ 100 Times

| 10:27 AM

It’s easily one of San Diego County’s most difficult trails. “In a word, it’s treacherous,” said Park Ranger Kyle Icke. But that hasn’t stopped avid hiker Jim Carretta from attempting to conquer El Cajon Mountain 100 times.


6 Tips to Keep Ticks Off

| 12:32 PM

Finally! The sun is back and you’ve been itching to get outside for a hike. Just remember, it’s tick season in San Diego County, and you need to protect yourself and your pets.