County to Conduct Mosquito Larvicide Drop Thursday

| 3:33 PM

The County is scheduled to conduct a routine mosquito-fighting, aerial larvicide drop Thursday on more than 30 rivers, streams, ponds and other waterways to kill mosquito larvae. It’s also reminding people to find and dump out standing water in and around homes to keep mosquitoes from breeding.


Board Votes to Preserve 300 Acres of Agricultural Land

| 4:10 PM

Supervisors voted unanimously to pay property owners to keep roughly 300 acres of their land in agricultural production instead of possibly selling it into development, as part of a program to preserve agriculture and still support farmers and ranchers.


County on Track to Meet 2020 Greenhouse Gas Reduction Target

| 2:06 PM

San Diego County is on track to meet 2020 greenhouse gas reduction targets through actions including reducing water use, planting thousands of local trees and acquiring open and agricultural space, the County’s first Climate Action Plan update reported this week.


Ticks Test Positive for Tularemia, County Urges Hikers to Protect Themselves and Pets

| 12:09 PM

County officials remind people to protect themselves and pets when hiking after ticks collected in Sorrento Valley test positive for “rabbit fever,” tularemia. Remember to wear insect repellent, proper clothing and to use insect control products on pets that kill fleas and ticks.

orb spider

It’s Crazy Spider Dance Time; Orb Weaver Season is Back!

| 10:42 AM

They’re big. They’re scary looking. And they spin enormous, circular webs that can stretch between trees, from a tree to your house, or your house to your car. It’s orb weaver spider time again in San Diego County!


County Board Votes to Buy Land to Expand Iron Mountain Preserve

| 3:26 PM

County supervisors have approved buying 160 acres near Iron Mountain in Poway to give threatened animals like deer and the California gnatcatcher more room to roam, and potentially, people more trails and connections to hike.


Deer Mouse In Warner Springs Tests Positive for Hantavirus

| 2:47 PM

A deer mouse trapped during routine monitoring in Warner Springs has tested positive for the potentially deadly hantavirus. Remember: never sweep or vacuum up after rodents if you find mice or rodents in homes, garages, sheds and cabins. Use “wet-cleaning” methods instead!