Rain Barrels Solana Center

County, Solana Center Offer Rain Barrels for a Drop in the Bucket

| 8:51 AM

Last week’s rains have ended, but there are still a couple of potentially rainy months ahead in San Diego County. And there’s still time to get a discounted, top-of-the-line, $90 Ivy rain barrel to be ready to “harvest” the next rains, cut watering costs and protect our beaches. Order one by Feb. 10!


Rains are Coming, Get Your Free Sandbags

| 1:52 PM

Forecasters say the rains are coming, which means this may be a good time to pick up some free sandbags from the County and CAL FIRE to protect your home and property if you need them.

TickQuesting 2 a .SB

It’s Not Just the Holiday Season, It’s Tick Season

| 9:32 AM

You may not know it, but in San Diego County, winter is tick season, and San Diego County’s Vector Control Program is reminding people to remember to wear insect repellent and take simple precautions like wearing long sleeves and long pants when hiking or heading out into nature.


Keep Off Santa’s Naughty List, Don’t Pack a Pest!

| 7:39 AM

The holiday season is a time to visit people, exchange and give gifts. But no one wants to give—or get—a gift that could gross you out, or worse, hurt the county’s $1.77 billion agriculture industry. So remember: Don’t Pack a Pest!