‘Big Bang Theory’ Actress Adopts Pets from County Shelter

Actress Kaley Cuoco of TV’s “The Big Bang Theory” is happily settling in with two new pet rabbits after adopting them from County Animal Services Sunday.

According to an Instagram post by her fiancé, Karl Cook, Cuoco woke up that day saying she wanted to adopt some rabbits. Cook lives in the North County. He and Cuoco decided to pay a surprise visit to the County shelter on Gaines Street.

Once inside the rabbit area, Cook took video of Cuoco as she was picking out one of her new pets. He then posted it on Instagram.

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DAS staff members say Cuoco was crying happy tears as she said, “This is the one!” The two female rabbits had been at the shelter since Jan. 16.

Cuoco said she was so glad she came. As for Cook, you can see he’s pretty comfortable with the rabbits making themselves at home.

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Employees at County Animal Services recognized Cuoco right away. They said the actress, who plays the character Penny on “The Big Bang Theory,” was very nice and agreed to take photos with the staff. She, in turn, thanked them for being fans.

Department of Animal Services employee poses with Kaley Cuoco
Department of Animal Services employee poses with Kaley Cuoco.

You can be a star to the animals at County shelters by opening your home to one or more. Visit the Animal Services adoptions page to see pets currently available.


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