Board of Supervisors Approve 332 Home Development in Valley Center

Image Credit: Touchstone Communities
Artist's rendering of proposed Park Circle's public park in Valley Center.

San Diego County’s Board of Supervisors unanimously approved a project Wednesday that plans to build 332 homes, public and private park space, private recreational areas, a drive-through restaurant, retail shops, open space and trails in Valley Center.

The Park Circle Project was previously recommended for approval by both the San Diego County Planning Commission and the Valley Center Community Planning Group. The project intends to build a range of housing types on a roughly 74-acre site — from 101 traditional homes to 167 “cluster” and “alley” homes that are still detached, but built in clusters of six-to-eight or six-to-10 on smaller lots.

In addition, the project plans to build a 2.6-acre public park in its center that will include a stage for events, lawn, fire pits, basketball courts, fitness equipment, tot-lots and bathrooms. The project will also include nearly two acres of private parks, a private recreational area, 4.4 miles of trails, a dog park and open space around Moosa Creek, which runs through the site. The project’s 4.2-acre commercial area plans to include an 1,800-square-foot restaurant with drive-through and four commercial retail buildings for shops.

County Board of Supervisors Chairwoman Dianne Jacob said Park Circle had community support and fit within the County’s General Plan, which was updated in 2011 and focuses on putting development where infrastructure exists and restricts homes in vulnerable and sensitive areas.

Park Circle developers say they expect their homes when built to cost between the $400,000 and $600,000 and to be most affordably priced new homes in North San Diego County.



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