County Announces Climate Action Plan Outreach


The County’s Department of Planning & Development Services released its blueprint this week to enlist the public’s help to create a County Climate Action Plan that would cut greenhouse gas emissions.

The outreach plan includes working with environmental conservation groups, business organizations and interested members of the public, inviting people to get involved, meeting with the County’s community advisory groups, and holding public workshops.

Planning & Development Services officials said the department plans to complete a proposed Climate Action Plan by the fall of 2017 for the County’s Board of Supervisors to consider.

County planners expect to hold their first public workshop in the fall of 2016, to get feedback from county residents on the development of draft measures the County could take to cut greenhouse gas emissions.

The tentative schedule for the Climate Action Plan process includes working with the public and stakeholders, drafting a plan and an environmental impact report, holding public hearings and delivering a proposed plan to the Board of Supervisors for possible approval.

People who would like to get information on the Climate Action Plan, the process, or to receive notifications about the plan should contact project manager Bulmaro Canseco at Bulmaro.Canseco@sdcounty.ca.gov.

For more information about the Climate Action Plan and the public outreach plan, go to the Planning & Development Services Climate Action Plan Web page.


Gig Conaughton is a communications specialist with the County of San Diego Communications Office. Contact