County Land, Environment Departments Unveil Online Appointments

San Diego County’s land use and environmental departments have introduced a new service to make life easier for customers — a tool to let people set up appointments on their own online, rather than over the phone or in person.

The new “Click! to Schedule” tool lets customers use their smartphones, laptops, tablets or computers to access onscreen calendars, find open dates and set appointments for roughly 30 different types of land use consultations and inspections.

Some of the services include: consultations for temporary events and community events; follow-up meetings with code compliance officers; submitting grading permit applications; making appointments to drop off hazardous household materials in Ramona; over-the-counter plan check consultations for food, food truck and body art businesses; and setting times for courtesy inspections for businesses by Air Pollution Control District officers.

The tool is easy to use. Clicking on or touching the “Click! to Schedule” icon brings the viewer to a list of the appointments that can be made for individual departments, including the Air Pollution Control District; Agriculture, Weights and Measures; Environmental Health; Parks and Recreation; Public Works and Planning & Development Services.

Customers can go to the central “Click! to Schedule” web page, find the department and type of appointment they’re looking for, click the icons or touch the screen and follow the prompts to see and choose available dates and times. “Click! to Schedule” buttons also appear throughout department websites to schedule their specific services.


The “Click! to Schedule” tool also sends a follow up email to remind customers of the appointment and lets them add the appointment to their personal Outlook email calendars.

For more information about the County’s Land Use and Environment Group and its departments, visit its website.


Gig Conaughton is a communications specialist with the County of San Diego Communications Office. Contact