Couples Hope Friday the 13th Nuptials Bring Good Luck

Superstition? What superstition?

Friday was on track to be as busy as any other Friday in July for weddings at the County Administration Center. An official in the Recorder/County Clerk’s office said he expected his office to conduct about 40 ceremonies and complete applications for 70 or so marriage licenses by day’s end, which is about the norm in the summer.

Among the couples saying ‘I do’ were Andrea and Dwain Boston of San Diego. The couple, who were dressed in a black suit and a long silvery dress, said they’d been engaged for two years but decided to take the plunge Friday.

“I thought it would be different,” Dwain Boston said of the date. “I figured they’d have a lot of slots open.”

Turns out just two slots remained when they arranged the appointment earlier this week. Dwain Boston said he’d wondered if his wife would go for the idea, but she did.

“I’m not superstitious,” she said. The couple has had some bad luck lately and Andrea said she hoped this would help actually bring good luck, breaking that streak. Her son, Alex Dixon, wasn’t so sure at first. “I said, are you sure you want to do it on that day?”

Newlyweds Michael and April Putnam, also of San Diego, viewed “7-13” is a lucky number. The couple chose a Hawaiian theme for their wedding, which took place outside on the County Administration Center’s west lawn Friday morning. Michael wore a Hawaiian shirt and jeans and April an elegant white dress.

Holding a bouquet of pink and peach-colored roses and carnations, April said the couple planned the ceremony just two weeks ago. She said they wanted to get married before some family left town.

As for the date? That was an added “bonus,” April Putnam said.

For Quinn and Tracy Becker, the date was a natural. It was five years ago to the day that they met – and that was also a Friday. So when it came time to scheduling a wedding, the choice was obvious. And for good measure, Quinn’s mother was born on Friday the 13th.

“Couldn’t think of any other date to celebrate,” Tracy said. “It’s a lucky day.”  

Michael and April Putnam

Tracy and Quinn Becker



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