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Guilty Verdict for Man Practicing Medicine without License

A 51-year-old La Mesa man who claimed to be a medical doctor and promised his patients he could cure their cancer and HIV with an unapproved remedy was found guilty today of fraud, the San Diego District Attorney’s Office reported today.

After two days of deliberations, a jury found Keith Allen Barton guilty of six felony counts of treating patients without a medical license, one count of false personation and three counts related to grand theft.  He faces up to eight years and 10 months in local prison at sentencing on February 10.

The D.A.’s Office says Barton called himself “Dr. Barton” and promised to cure a woman and her children of HIV.  One of the children subsequently died as a result of not receiving effective treatment.  The victim paid Barton $18,000 for the treatment. 

Barton also advised a woman with autoimmune disease to surgically extract all of her teeth and to take an ineffective treatment called Dendritic Cellular Therapy.  This victim paid Barton more than $32,000 for his remedies. 

Barton is not a licensed medical doctor, osteopath or naturopath but shares his name with a real medical doctor who is licensed in California.  Barton used the fact that only his middle name differed from the real Dr. Barton to create the impression that he was a licensed professional.

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